Adding clients to white or black list

You can add a well-visible notice about a client on the contact-viewing page, which you can use to display important information; e.g., whether a client belongs to a white or black list in your company. Here is an example of how it can be displayed:

How to set up a custom contact field

  1. Open section "Admin → Field constructor".

  2. Click "New field".

  3. Type a name for your custom field.
  4. Select the desired field type. If you want to simply select one of available values for the custom field, then select field type "drop down". If you need to manually write various text individually for every client, then select either "single line text" (for short notes) or "paragraph text" (for long notes).
  5. Select the appropriate contact types for which you want to be able to add custom notes: "Person" or "Company".

  6. Save field properties.
  7. To show custom notes at the top of the contact-viewing page, click "Customize heading area".

  8. In the pop-up area, enable the custom field and save this setting. Your field should appear in the list of fields displayed in the heading area.

  9. To change the order of fields in the heading area, change their common sort order by dragging field entries across the list at the page bottom.

Done! Now you can either select or write custom notes about your clients, which will help you make faster decisions on your clients depending on their activity; e.g., orders in the online store, support requests, comments in the blog or forum.


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