How to add a new website to your Webasyst

Site app in your Webasyst account enables you to manage multiple websites within one administrative backend. Your sites can be located on different domains, too. To achieve this, some setup is necessary for your domain name and for your site in Webasyst.

Domain setup

In order to add a new website to your account, set up your new domain name to make it point to the same web server directory where you have your Webasyst installed. These steps are required for this setup:

  1. In the domain name properties, on your registrar's website, specify the names of the DNS servers of your hosting company on whose web servers your Webasyst is installed.
  2. In the hosting control panel, add a DNS zone for the new domain. In the A record of your domain specify the IP address of the web-hosting server.
  3. Wait from several minutes to several hours until your new domain, when entered in a browser, opens the login page of your Webasyst account.
To receive additional assistance in domain name configuration, please contact your web-hosting company.

Website setup

Upon domain name setup completion, log into your Webasyst backend and open Site app. Click on "New site" link. Enter your new domain name and save the new site.

Then proceed to "Structure" section and add routing rules for the new site. For each rule, specify its URL, select the appropriate app and a design theme.

Read more about setting up website structure.

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