Webasyst licenses & Cloud-hosted use

For paid Webasyst products the following licensing rule applies: for each installed copy of a paid product a separate license must be purchased.

When is license purchase required?

A license per installed product copy.

Use of every copy of a paid product presumes purchase of an open-source license or payment for a hosted license in Webasyst Cloud. This is a requirement of the Webasyst Software Agreement. If you have installed a paid product in several directories of a web server or on several web servers then you must purchase a license for installed product copy. Use of a single license with multiple installed product copies is a violation of the license agreement.

Purchase of app licenses to use them in Webasyst Cloud is not required, read more below in this article.

Number of sites does not matter

A paid product installed within one Webasyst backend may be used on all websites set up in the that backend. The number of sites can be as great as you wish—the Webasyst license does not limit it.

License in the Cloud: is it possible?

The purchase of license of a paid app not included in a Cloud pricing plan means that you can not pay monthly fee for such an app in the Cloud. To make this work, link the purchased app license to your Cloud account in “Cloud → Account” section.

What if I do not purchase a license?

Remember that the use of a paid product without a valid license is a violation of the law. Missing valid license does not enable you to install updates via Installer. Each request for updates from non-licensed installed copies of paid products is registered on Webasyst servers.

I have downloaded free Shop-Script from your website. Is a license required in this case, too?

Some paid apps are available for downloading free of charge for learning purposes or for the development of various add-ons. For example, Shop-Script can be downloaded free of charge. If, after you have learned enough about a paid app, you would like to continue using it for commercial purposes; e.g., to open an online store, you are required to purchase a license.

Free versions of paid apps are provided only for testing and add-on development.

Demo licenses for developers

If you want to create a demo website to illustrate the functionality of your plugins or design themes developed for a paid app, it is not necessary to purchase a license. You may request a free demo license from Webasyst support team by sending a request to support@webasyst.com.

I have purchased a license but still cannot install an update. Why is that?

In this case you need to link your license to the your Webasyst backend. To do so, open the paid product’s page in Installer and click “Link/get license”. This will enable you to install updates for that product.


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