How to run traceroute for your domain name

Traceroute command is used to obtain the list of network servers via which data are transferred to users' browsers and the data transfer speed. Information provided by this command may be useful when you need to find out why a website is loading slowly in your browser. To run traceroute, open the command line window, enter the command shown below and press "Enter":

  • Windows
    tracert domain name or IP address

  • Mac OS / Linux
    traceroute domain name or IP address


To open the command line window on Microsoft Windows, select "Run" in the "Start" menu and enter cmd in the pop-up window.

Below is shown a command line window with the results of the completed tracert command:

If you see asterisks (*) next to some server names, it means that there are problems at those network hosts. More information about the traceroute command is available at


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