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dear Webasyst,

Where can I find detailed information about forms in the Site app?
There is an example block with some basic fields, but I need to add some more and have them all included in the mail body.
Kind regards,
Alex Stienstra

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    Mike Webasyst September 10, 2013 03:13 #
    If you need to create a form like the one used for sending feedback, you may create an app or a plugin with a controller, which would process all form fields exactly as you need it.
    Read more about controllers and plugins:

    Once you have the appropriate controller, you may design your form by adding all desired fields to it, provided that all those fields are processed by the controller.
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    September 10, 2013 06:40 #
    wow, that's way to complicated for something that basic.
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    September 10, 2013 06:44 #
    I will try to find which part of the framework handles the sample form that is supplied.
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    Mike Webasyst September 11, 2013 02:00 #
    It is handled by method sendEmail() in file wa-system/view/waViewHelper.class.php. but I would rather discourage you to edit it, because your changes will be lost with the next software update. This is why writing a plugin with a controller is a better idea: your plugin will survive any updates you will install in the future.
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      s Chello s Chello October 15, 2013 02:30 #
      Why don't yoiu create a basic plugin and offer it as part of the package? This is a basic expectation of any web site and not having one supplied is just a glaring omission!
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    Mohamed Ebrahim Mohamed January 12, 2014 14:48 #
    I agree with S Chello, this is a basic expectation. Also there should be more control about "in stock" and out of stock.
    How I can hide quantity

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