Connecting Files to Dropbox

Files app allows you to access files stored in your Dropbox account. Not only you can work with those files, also your teammates can who can log into your Webasyst backend.

To set up connection between Files and Dropbox, install the "Dropbox" plugin in "Plugin" section of your Files app.

Upon installation, open the plugin settings screen and copy the "Redirect URIs" field value. You will use it for setting up your Dropbox account.

Dropbox account setup

If you have no account in Dropbox, create one at

Then create an OAuth application which will connect your Dropbox account and Files app:

  1. Choose "Dropbox API" option.
  2. Choose access level: "Application Folder" (recommended option; Dropbox will create a special folder in your account, which will be accessed by Files app users) or "Full Dropbox" (in this case Files app users will be able to access absolutely all files stored in your Dropbox).
  3. Enter an arbitrary name for your app; e.g., "Webasyst".

  4. Confirm these settings to proceed to the next step, paste the previously copied value into "Redirect URIs" filed, and click "Add".
  5. Click "Enable additional users" to ensure that other users in your Webasyst also can access your Dropbox files.
  6. Copy "App key" and "App secret" values generated on this page. Paste them in the appropriate fields on the "Dropbox" plugin settings screen in Files app backend and save the settings.

Adding a source in Files app

A source represents a connection point between a Dropbox account and a folder in File app. It is the folder in which you can work with files stored in Dropbox.

  1. Click on the source-adding icon and choose source type "Dropbox". Enter an arbitrary source name. This name will be used as default name for your folder to access Dropbox files, but you will be able to rename the folder at any time.

  2. If your Webasyst backend is opened at http:// rather than https://, then you will be offered to manually confirm access for your OAuth app to Dropbox account files. Confirm access, copy the generated confirmation code, close its browser tab. Paste the copied confirmation code on the source setup page in Files app and click "Connect".
  3. Choose where you want to locate Dropbox files in Files app and confirm your choice using a button.

  4. Wait until the data synchronization is completed

Done! You can begin to work with Dropbox files in Files app. Any changes that you will make to your files in Webasyst backend will also be available if you log into Dropbox.


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