Connecting to Google Drive

Step-by-step manual on connecting Files app with a Google Drive account

With “Files” app, you can also manage documents stored in your “Google Drive” account without leaving Webasyst backend.

To do so, open Files app, proceed to “Plugins” section, and install “Google Drive” plugin.

Upon plugin installation, open its settings screen, and specify values for “Client ID” and “Client secret” fields. Doing so will require setting up an application in Google Developer Console as described below:

  1. From plugin settings screen, follow the link to the Developer Console.
  2. In “Library” section, select “Storage → Google Drive API”.

  3. If requested to create a project, click on “Create project” to continue.

  4. Enable Google Drive API.

  5. Click “Go to Credentials”.

  6. On 1st step, select the following values:
    1. Where will you be calling the API from: Web server (e.g., node.js, Tomcat)
    2. What data will you be accessing: User data

  7. On 2nd step you may keep the Name field value unchanged. To complete field “Authorized redirect URIs”, copy&paste the value of the corresponding field in “Google Drive” plugin settings in Files app backend.

  8. On 3rd step, enter the Google app name as it will be displayed to users.

  9. Finally, you will be suggested to download generated credentials. Select “I'll do this later”.

  10. In the list of available credentials, click on the name of the newly generated ones.

  11. Copy the displayed values “Client ID” and “Client secret”, and paste them in the appropriate fields in “Google Drive” plugin settings.

  12. Save plugin settings.
  13. Click “Connect” to continue.

  14. When requested to grant permissions for Google app to access your Google Drive account data, allow access.

  15. Select where you want the connected Google Drive folder to be available in your Files app.

Done! You can now start working with Google Drive files within Webasyst Files app. Any changes that you will make in Files, will be automatically synchronized with Google Drive.


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