Editing design theme files on a local computer

Webasyst enables you to edit design theme files directly within your account using the built-in design editor.

If, however, you prefer to edit files locally, on your computer, then there is an option to download design theme files and edit them without even having an Internet connection. Upon editing, you will have to upload the modified files back to your Webasyst backend as describe below in this article.

1. Download a design theme files archive

On the theme settings page, use the "Download theme backup" link.

Save the downloaded backup file on your computer.

2. Unpack the archive and edit files locally

Webasyst compresses design theme files to TAR.GZ archives. To download such archives, use an appropriate archiving software; e.g., 7-Zip.

Then edit the extracted files using your favorite source code editor.

3. Archive edited files and upload them back in Webasyst backend

Compress edited files to a TAR.GZ archive.

The archive root must contain only a folder with design them files rather than the files themselves — exactly as they were added to the automatically generated backup archive which you downloaded from Webasyst backend.

Now upload your archive using "Upload theme archive" link in "Themes" of your design editor.


Immediately upon archive upload, your changes made to the design theme with the same ID will be applied to your website.

Design theme ID(id="...") is contained in file theme.xml in a line similar to this:
<theme id="default" vendor="*****" author="*****" app="****" parent_theme_id="****" version="*.*.*">
To avoid design theme update issues, it is highly discouraged to edit this XML file.


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