Connecting an calendar to your Webasyst profile

Step-by-step user manual

In Team app, you can view and manage calendar events stored in your account, without leaving Webasyst backend. To do so, connect an external calendar as described below.

Install “ calendar” plugin: in Team app backend, open “Plugins” section and install the plugin with one click.

Setting up plugin and a Microsoft application

This setup is needed to be completed only once. Upon its completion, all users of the Team app in your Webasyst backend will be able to connect their personal external calendars from their Microsoft accounts.

Once the plugin in installed, open its settings and complete fields “Application ID” и “Application secret. To do so, register an application on Microsoft application registration portal:

  1. Use the link in plugin settings screen to proceed to the application registration page.
  2. Click “Register your app” button.

  3. Sign in on Microsoft website. If you do not have an account there, create one.

  4. From the list of available integration platforms, select “Web”.

  5. Enter a name for your app; e.g., “Webasyst Team”, and your contact email address. Click “Create”.

  6. From plugin settings copy the value of “Redirect URI” field and paste that value to the corresponding field on Microsoft website. Click “Save”.

  7. On the next page, scroll down to the very bottom and click “Go to settings” link.

  8. Copy the “Application Id value and paste it into the corresponding plugin settings field.

  9. On the same page on Microsoft website, click “Generate New Password”.

  10. Copy the generated password from the pop-up area and save it in a safe storage for further use. Paste the copied password into plugin settings field “Application secret”.

  11. On the same page on Microsoft website, scroll down to section “Microsoft Graph Permissions” and click “Add”.

  12. Ini the pop-up area, select the following permissions:
    1. Calendars.Read
    2. Calendars.Shared
    3. Calendars.Write

    Confirm your selection using “OK” button.
  13. Save the application settings on Microsoft website.

  14. Save plugin settings.

Connecting an external calendar in personal Webasyst profile

In order to make the connection of external calendars available to users of your Webasyst backend, first set up the calendar plugin and a Microsoft application as described above.

  1. To connect an external calendar, open your profile page in Webasyst backend, click “Personal calendar settings” under the calendar table, and select “Add external calendar” in the pop-up area.
  2. Select “ calendar” from the available list and confirm your choice. If you are not authorized on Microsoft website, you will be offered to do so.
  3. Select the desired calendar integration level:
    • import only
    • import + export of changes and deletions
    • full data synchronization
    Read descriptive hints to better understand your options.

    Confirm your choice and wait until data are fully loaded from an external calendar into your Webasyst account.

Done! Start working with calendar events, which are now synchronized with the data from your calendar in accordance with the selected integration level.


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