Connecting external online CalDAV calendar

In Team app, you can view and manage calendar events stored in a third-party online service account with CalDAV technology support; e.g., iCloud, Yahoo!, Fruux, etc., without leaving Webasyst backend. To do so, connect an external online calendar as described below.

Install “CalDAV client” plugin: in Team app backend, open “Plugins” section and install the plugin with one click.

  1. Open your user profile in Webasyst backend, click “Personal calendar settings” under the calendar table.

  2. Select “Add external calendar” in the pop-up area.

  3. Select “CalDAV client” from the available list and confirm your choice.
  4. Select the name of online service whose calendar events you want to import. Enter a login name and a password, and save the settings.

  5. Select the desired calendar integration level:
    • import only
    • import + export of changes and deletions
    • full data synchronization
    Read descriptive hints to better understand your options.

  6. Confirm your choice and wait until data are fully loaded from an external online calendar into your Webasyst account.

Done! Start working with calendar events, which are now synchronized with the data from your external calendar in accordance with the selected integration level.


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