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Hi there
I need a payment method can accept payment by bank deposit
in earlier versions of shopt-script had the ability to add payment details that the customer receives a copy of your order.

in this version I do not see that option.
How do I tell my client data bank deposit in email purchase?

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    Mike Webasyst July 30, 2014 01:18 #
    If there is no payment plugin that suits you (, then you need to create your own plugin, or have it developed for you, for this purpose.
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      Ginny Hoepf Ginny Hoepf April 4, 2015 20:06 #

      Excellent idea, if one knows how to! I don't, and cannot afford the services of a developer.

      The payment options appear biased, mostly for the US market and those that wish to use the US gateways. I live in New Zealand and would not be happy having to pay currency exchange fees whenever a customer makes a purchase and pays in US dollars.

      I have an ANZ Fastpay facility for accepting Credit card payments through my bank as well as an a bank deposit option, but have no way of offering these to my customers!!

      It totally escapes me why you would change such a flexible and helpful option into the complete opposite!

      As said earlier, this is a step backwards. Grrrrrrrrr!!!

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    Unzion Records July 30, 2014 12:57 #
    Unfortunately, I see no options they have in the past of shopt-script.
    2 options that they need to put. is sad to see that offer not completely finished product.

    1 - payment option through bank deposit or send money by western union.

    2 - The customer can look at the details of your order, the download links now only can see in your email.
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    Ginny Hoepf April 3, 2015 23:02 #

    I do have the same problem with shop script 6.

    In Webasyst shop script I was able to create my own payment options but not with Shop script 6. This is a step backwards.

    I need to have a bank deposit and also a Visa option with me phoneing customers to get the number. They just don't like 2Checkout here. I tried it.

    Talking about developing your own plugin. How about a customizable payment plugin provided by webasyst for free???? I mean a plugin that only provides a text field that can be entered and can be saved under a different name so the same plugin can be used more than once. Ie. one being a selectable bank deposit and the other a selectable manual VISA. And once selected it shows up in the order page as being selected by the customer.

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    Unzion Records June 8, 2015 15:27 # Solution

    hello, I found a solution that I used to bank deposit in my store
    follow this steps.

    1- go to your options to install plugins, find the CASH payment plugin and install in your store

    2 - then set it as a payment option and rename Bank deposits and include account # and information to bank deposits. your clients view this information

    It works for me well .

    while some exclusive plugin is published for bank deposit

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