I have shop-script 6 installed and have set it to Russian in front and back-end, also in my user settings.

My problem is that the interface still has English elements in the back-end, specifically when I edit en order of a client. (eg <site-url>/order/19876/state_id=new|processing|paid/)

All the buttons (Process Paid Sent Delete Mark as Completed) are untranslated, as well as some other links.
I am trying to find where I can change these, but was unsuccessful to find it in the back-end templates and .po/.mo files of the shop app.

Where should I change these?

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    Алексей Webasyst May 4, 2017 15:06 #

    Check the names in Store - Settings - Order states.
    If you've created English account you'll have English names by default.
    Also you can delete order notifications to recreate all of them using your current locale settings.

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    Alexander May 4, 2017 23:21 #

    Create CREATE

    Process PROCESS

    Paid PAY

    Sent SHIP

    Refund REFUND

    Edit order EDIT

    Delete DELETE

    Restore RESTORE

    Mark as Completed COMPLETE

    Contact customer MESSAGE редактировать

    Add comment COMMENT

    Callback CALLBACK

    This is how they are listen under these settings. Can I change this anywhere?

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      Mike Mike Webasyst May 5, 2017 14:17 #

      The names of order actions and states can be changed in configuration file wa-config/apps/shop/workflow.php. Be sure not to translate their IDs! Translate only strings displayed in your backend.

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        Alexander Alexander May 5, 2017 20:06 #

        This is exactly what I needed, thank you.
        I am the only not-Russian in our company and I indeed installed it with an English account. This is one of the few remainders that was not translated properly yet.

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