Using DKIM with Mailer

The recipients of bulk email newsletters may not always be confident that a received message was sent from a trustworthy sender address. It is not a rare case that a malefactor sends phishing or spam messages, to steal someone's personal data, from the email address of a respected company; e.g., yours! If such messages are sent from your email address, your domain name may be included in black lists of email services.

To strengthen your sender's reputation, it is recommended to protect each sent message using the DKIM technology (DomainKeys Identified Mail).

How to use DKIM in Mailer app

  1. Ensure that your sender's email address is based on your own domain name; e.g.,
  2. Enable the DKIM option in sender settings. When you enable this option, two keys, private and public, are automatically generated. The private key is silently saved in app settings, and the public key is displayed in the sender settings dialog as a text string.
  3. Copy the displayed publix key and add it as a TXT record to the DNS zone of the domain name of your sender's email address; e.g.,, if you are sending bulk emails from
    To add a TXT record with a public DKIM key, consult your web hosting company.
    If your domain name is hosted on a Webasyst Cloud account, please contact Webasyst support team at
  4. Wait until the information about the new TXT record is propagated across global DNS servers. This process may take up to 72 hours depending on your domain's DNS zone settings.
  5. Proceed to sending bulk emails! When preparing a new campaign, ensure that you select the sender, for which you have enabled and properly set up the DKIM option.
Note that a private DKIM key may also be generated by the mail server you are sending emails through. Please ask your mail server administrator about it prior to setting up DKIM in Mailer app. Use of DKIM setting in Mailer with mail server's own DKIM generation mechanism will cause a conflict of keys and authentication errors for your bulk messages.

In Webasyst Cloud the DKIM option in Mailer can be used without any conflicts.


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