Import E-mail addresses into the mailer app. Answered

I want to import a large quantity of E-mail addressess into mailer.
The method of adding extra addresses from the clipboard is not sufficient, it cannot handle more than 3000.
What would be the best way?

Also, I tried to find out where those addresses from the "add extra addresses" go into the database but did not manage. Can someone also point me out where to find where they are stored?

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    Mike Webasyst June 28, 2017 10:14 # Solution

    Extra email addresses that you specify in Mailer app are stored in field value of table mailer_message_recipients. You may try to change that field's type from default TEXT to LONGTEXT.

    However, that is not a really correct way of importing a lot of new email addresses. When an email campaign is being sent, all extra email addresses are also imported into Contacts app as individual contacts. If you have plugin Contacts PRO installed, you can first import all your email addresses as contacts into Contacts app and then select them as ordinary recipients in Mailer without using the "extra email addresses" option.

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