The App not permit install any apps or updates, Pending


Hi, I have a problem in my store.

I've tried installing software updates

But does not end with the procedure

The same thing happens when trying to install an app

Always returns to apps list

And when I re-try I get this warning

Update is already in progress. Please wait while the current update session is completed before starting a new session.

Help, I can not update anything, nor install applications that I bought.

If anyone has any suggestions or help


In the administrator area this error happens

look errors.

when i try UPDATES, click updates, clic in update and show this message warning. or return to the 1first image (up)

and nos pass from there, Not permit install any more, apps, updates.

include I try use in other domain, other server, install a new store and show the same error.

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    Mike Mike Webasyst July 14, 2017 10:26 #

    Try to delete all files from wa-log/installer/ directory. This shoud clear the update state cache so that you can start again. Use free Logs app to delete those files.

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