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I am using hook backend_orders and have problem of loading plugin page in same window rather than stand alone - "?plugin=exportzirius&action=orders".
TO load in standard window, right now i am using onclick=\'$("#s-content").load("?plugin=exportzirius&action=orders");\'

Now I have problem in adding class selected in <li> menu item.

Is there any standard way of writing java here.

Is there any way similar to { $ .reports.statusAction = function(){ $("#reportscontent").load('?plugin=statusorder&action=report'+this.getTimeframeParams()); }

Please reply in english...

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    Mike Webasyst November 12, 2014 04:54 #
    Why not removing class 'selected' from any list items which may already have it, and adding class 'selected' to your custom item using jQuery?
    You can include this action in the event handler attached to the 'click' event of your custom list item.

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