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Good day

I am going to offer multiple great prices on products, and need to limit the amount of products one customer can buy.

Some products can be unlimited, and then some need to be set at for example, Maximum of two products per customer per day or per week or per month.

Is this possible with shop script 7?

Is there any body available that can help me do this, and what will the cost be?



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  • 1 Expert Developer August 19, 2017 10:20 #

    Dear Jaco,

    This ready made facility is not available in webAsyst shop-script, though I can make a plugin for you as per your requirements. Cost of plugin depends on your specific requirements. For detailed requirements of plugin and quotation you can mail me at


  • 1 August 28, 2017 19:27 #

    Hi Jaco Mynhardt, I can also develop this plugin for you or any other work you have. I can do at very low cost.

    contact at

    thank you

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