CRM overview: from a lead to a deal

In Webasyst CRM, the sum of all actions, from the very first contact to the acknowledgement of the results acceptable for both parties, is called a deal.

Deal processing stages

First contact, email message exchange, negotiations, meetings, drafting of documents, conclusion of a contract, receipt of payment, delivery confirmation — these are examples of deal completion stages. The set of stages does not have to be exactly as shown above. It depends on the way you prefer to work. You might want to have only two stages; e.g., a phone call and payment confirmation.

How to obtain new deals

There are 3 methods to do so.

1. Manually

Use “New deal” link in “Deals” section.

Type a deal name, select a funnel and the initial stage, enter estimated amount and closing date. Enter a description and add customer-related information.

2. Via a website form

Set up a web form in “Settings → Web forms” screen and publish it on your website. Every new message from a website visitor will create a new deal. Repeated messages from the same clients will be only added as comments to their existing deals.

3. By email

You can obtain new deal requests in a similar fashion, in the form of email messages. Set up a new email address on your mail server and connect it to your CRM in section “Settings → Deal sources”.

How to work on a deal

Working on a deal includes making phone calls, conducting negotiations, drafting documents, etc. In CRM you only register all your actions, i.e. add comments, set up reminders, attach working files. As soon as you complete some important part of your work you transfer a deal to a new stage. This will help you see later on that by that time you had done all the work you had to complete.

Sending an invoice to a client

Once you have come to a full agreement with your client, it is the time for him to pay for your products or services. Send your client a link to an invoice.

An invoice can be issued right on the deal-viewing page. The deal name will be automatically added to the invoice draft.

You can also issue invoices which are not associated with certain deals, for any clients. Use the “Invoices” section for that purpose.

With an invoice created and saved, activate it. This will generate a link to be sent to a client who will view the invoice and pay for it.

Send a link to an activated invoice so that he can pay for it using any of the available payment options. Upon receipt of payment, transfer a deal to the corresponding stage.

Various invoice payment options

Invoices can be paid for in cash, via PayPal, Authorize.Net, and in other methods. Each payment method is supported by a corresponding payment plugin, which must be installed in CRM backend or via Installer app.

With necessary payment plugins installed, add required payment options in “Settings → Payment” screen and complete their appropriate settings fields.

For example, to receive payment via a payment gateway, you may need to sign up for a merchant account and save your account credentials in the payment option settings.

Notifications on invoice actions

It is possible to quickly learn about paid invoices with the help of email and text (SMS) notifications. Enable them in “Settings → Notifications” screen. Notifications on various actions performed on invoices can be sent to the members of your team who are assigned as responsible for deals or to clients.

For SMS notifications to be sent, install an SMS provider integration plugin, and set up connection to an SMS provider in “Settings → SMS” screen by entering your credentials obtained from your provider.

Closing a deal

A deal is considered closed when it’s transferred to the very last stage and marked either as successful, or as lost. Select the right status when you are closing a deal.

If a deal is lost, select a reason why you have failed to achieve the result agreed with the client. This information will help you analyze your company’s deal completion process using built-in reports.

A lost deal can be reopened and closed again—successfully.

A once lost client might get disappointed by your competitors and one day return to you!


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