Setting up invoice payment options in CRM

Accepting of payment for invoices issued in CRM is implemented with the help of plugins. You need to install a separate plugin for each payment option.

  1. Open screen “Settings → Payment”.
  2. Use link “Add payment option” to open the list of installed payment plugins.

  3. If the list is empty or if there are no required plugins in it, find missing plugins using link “Browse payment plugins...” and install them. Upon installation, return to CRM screen “Settings → Payment”.
  4. In list “Add payment option” click the name of a plugin to set up a new payment option.
  5. Each plugin has its own set of settings fields. Complete them and save the settings. To set up some of the plugins, you may need to sign up for a merchant account in a payment gateway or to sign an agreement for bank acquiring services, to receive payments.
  6. To offer your clients multiple payment options, set up several plugins.

    Below is an example of how available payment options are displayed to a client:

Done! Now a client can open an invoice-viewing page and can choose from the available payment options that you have set up to use the most convenient one.


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