Square and Xero integration

Hi Team,

Just wondering if you or any other developers work on integration of Shop-Script with Xero and Square? Should we count on it being released at some point in the future?

Otherwise, how much do you think a development of these modules would cost?


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    Mike Webasyst October 26, 2017 17:22 #

    We are currently not working on the integration with those services. I'm afraid, that is not in our nearest plans, either.

    You may try to find a 3rd-party developer to have the required integration plugins developed for you. If you have a PHP developer in your company, he can use our documentation and the plugin development tutorial.

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    info@srinternet.net Expert Developer October 26, 2017 18:06 #


    I can make this plugin for you. contact me for detailed workout. info@srinternet.net

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