How to change website homepage

1. Determine the homepage app

The name of the app responsible for the homepage can be found in “Structure” section of Site app. Find the app with the shortest rule *.

In this example the homepage is powered by Store app (Shop-Script).

2. Change site structure settlement settings

Click the shortest rule in the list to edit its settings. Change the changes as you need and save them.

3. Change app settings

If app settlement settings are not sufficient for your task, look for appropriate settings in that app’s backend.

For example, if you need to change the contents of promo blocks in the homepage of your online storefront, then edit them in Shop-Script backend’s “Products → Promo” section.

4. Edit page or design template file

If app settings do not allow you to make the necessary changes, either, then edit the homepage source code. You may find it either in a design theme template or in a separate page — this depends on the app which powers your homepage.

Site app

Site app generates the homepage using an ordinary page set up in its backend. The homepage must have an empty URL.

Other apps

All other apps generate the homepage using a design template file. The file is usually called home.html.

If you do not have such a file in your homepage app’s design theme, then ask your app’s developer for the exact file name.

Edit that file’s source code to change the homepage of your website.


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