We changed server on Blue Host to another on Blue Host and now the cron will not work.


/usr/php/54/usr/bin/php-cli /home1/rosenkre/public_html/audiblewisdom/cli.php helpdesk cron

And also php /home1/rosenkre/public_html/audiblewisdom/cli.php helpdesk cron

They don't work

Could there be an issue with the PHP version for Webasyst ? Or any other thoughts?

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    Mike Webasyst January 30, 2018 09:46 #

    The cron commands might have changed with the server change. Copy them again from Helpdesk backend and set up them again in your control panel.

    If updated commands do not work, ask your web-hosting support team what is wrong about them. You may have to correct the path to the PHP executable file in your cron commands.

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