How to link a permanent license to Webasyst Cloud and reduce monthly payments

Your monthly bill on Webasyst Cloud depends on what paid apps are installed in your account. If you have paid apps installed which are not included in your plan then their hosted license price is added to your monthly bills. You can see hosted licence prices on paid apps’ pages in Webasyst Store.

There is an option not to pay for extra paid apps’ hosted licenses.

You do not have to pay for them if you have purchased a permanent license. A permanent license means your right to legally use a paid Webasyst software product without having to regularly renew a hosted license.

1. Purchase a license

Place an order in Webasyst Store and wait for an order completion notification by email.

2. Link a license to your Cloud account

Open Cloud app, proceed to “Account” section, and click “View details” link next to “Billing plan” caption. This will open a list of all services that you pay for within your Cloud account. The list will contain all paid apps that are not included in your plan.

Click “Link permanent license” and select a purchased license for the selected app.


Now the hosted license price of an extra paid app is removed from your monthly bill in Webasyst Cloud.

This article describes how you can reduce your payments only for extra paid apps, i.e. those which are not included in your plan. Buying licenses of the apps which are included in your plan will not reduce monthly payments.


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