Verifying website ownership for Google

  1. Sign up in Google Search Console.
  2. Enter your website URL and click “Add property”.
  3. Choose a convenient verification method:
    • HTML file
      In Webasyst backend open Site app, select the site you want to verify ownership for, and open “Structure” section.

      Add a new “Custom text” type rule. Select “text/html” content type in the rule properties, specif the name of file generated in your Google as the rule address, and paste the file contents to “Custom text” field.

      Click “Verify“ in Google account.
    • HTML tag
      Copy the HTML tag generated for your website, open Webasyst design editor, select your website, and paste the copid HTML tag between <HEAD>and </HEAD> tags in index.html file.
          <meta name="google-site-verification" content="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxx" />
      Here is shown an tag example. Copy correct HTML tag for your website in your Google account.
      Save changes in the design editor.

      Click “Verify” in Google account.
    • Domain name provide
      Select your domain name registrar name from the list. If it is not on the list or if you do not know it, select “Other”.
      Follow the steps described in the instructions.
      If your website is hosted in Webasyst Cloud, send the displayed instructions to the Webasyst support team. If your website is hosted by another provider, follow the described steps or ask your web-hosting company support team for assistance.

      Click “Verify” in Google account.
    • Google Analytics

      Enable integration with Google Analytics in Site app settings. This will automatically add tracking code into the <HEAD> section of your website HTML code.

      Click “Verify” in Google account.

    • Google Tag Manager
      Follow instructions for using Google tags.
  4. Wait until information about successful ownership verification is displayed in your Google account.
Read more about website ownership verification in Google help center.


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