Details Sale in Paypal Invoice


I'm a user of shop script 7

It is a very fast and stable system.

however in the paypal payment system they need to make an improvement.

Currently, when a customer buys my products, it appears in the summary of his purchase appears like this.


Precio por unidad



Payment for order MIDIalbum-#20255
N.º de artículo shop_2_255 - here is the title of product are sale.

$8.99 USD


$8.99 USD

Although I can know what I sold to the customer, it would be best if in the summary of the customer's purchase the title of the product he bought appeared, it would be easier to identify what I sell without having to go to the platform. It also looks better and more professional.

The vast majority of online stores have that ability,

I think someone could improve the Paypal payment APP.


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