How to receive messages and deal requests in CRM from VK users

With a plugin for CRM

Via “VK” plugin for CRM app, users of social network can write messages to your community, which will be displayed in your CRM’s “Messages” list. If needed, every message can be converted into a new deal.

How to set this up:

  1. In CRM backend open section “Plugins”. Install “VK” plugin.
  2. In section “Settings → Deal sources” add a new source for
  3. Keep the browser tab with source settings open.
  4. In a separate tab, log into
  5. If you do not have a community yet, create one by selecting community type “Group”.

    Select any category and confirm the creation of a community.

    Or open an existing community and select the “Manage community” action for it.

  6. In section “Settings → API usage → Access tokens” create a new token.

  7. Enable token option “Allow access to community messages”.

  8. Copy the created token and paste it to “Access token” field in CRM source settings.

  9. Open section “Settings → API usage → Callback API → Server settings”. If you are already using a server in that section, add a new server.

  10. In server settings, select API version 5.131.
  11. Copy your community ID. It’s a number in the following string

    {"type":"confirmation", "group_id":1234567890}

    Paste it to “Group ID” field in CRM source settings.
  12. In section “Settings → API usage → Callback API → Server settings” enter an arbitrary value in field “Secret key”.

    Copy the key you have entered and paste it to “Secret key” field in CRM source settings.

  13. In a separate browser tab, open the VK app creation page. Select “Website” type, and enter your Webasyst account’s URL and domain name.

    Confirm app creation.
  14. In “Information” section, select your community in “Application group” list and save the changes.

  15. In “Settings” section, copy Application ID, Secure key, and Service token values and paste them to the corresponding fields in CRM source settings.

  16. Save CRM source settings. “Callback API URL” and “Verify code” fields will be added to the source settings page.
  17. In section “Settings → API usage → Callback API → Server settings” of the VK community settings page, copy the string to be returned and paste it to “Verify code” field in CRM source settings.

  18. Save CRM source settings.
  19. Copy the generated value from “Callback API URL” field in CRM source settings and paste it to “URL” field in “Settings → API usage → Callback API → Server settings” section of the VK community management page. Click “Confirm”.
  20. Upon successful confirmation, go to section “API usage → Callback API → Message types” and enable options “Messages → Incoming message” and “Messages → Outcoming message”.

  21. In community management section “Messages”, enable sending of private messages by VK users to your community.

  22. If necessary, enable additional options in CRM source settings:
    • Select segments to add VK users to, which will be writing messages to your community.
    • Enable creation of new deals from community messages.
    • Select a responsible user or a user group in your Webasyst account to be assigned for new contacts corresponding to VK users.
  23. Save CRM source settings.

Done! From now on, VK users can send private messages to your community, which will be automatically imported into your CRM.

Try to send a test message and see how it looks in your CRM’s “Messages” section.


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