Want Authorize.net SIM to Capture not just Authorize

I am wanting both authorize and capture for authorize.net. I have looked in the code that webasyst has and it includes the capture option but they say they don't have capture and won't support their own code in the authorizenetsimpayment.class.php file. It has capture in its array (see below and there is more code I did not post) How can I make the capture work. I have found an if statement on currancy but I have USD chosen so that should not be the issue. Any help would be appreciated. I can start playing with the code but it would be hit or miss. Surely someone out there has made it capture like it should. Also is there any other files that might affect this process? Thanks!
public function supportedOperations()
return array(

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    Mike Webasyst March 13, 2018 09:45 #

    Basically, all you need to know about writing or modifying payment plugins for Webasyst is described in the documentation. In that article, there is a link to the source code of PayPal plugin, which contains comments for plugin developers. You may also simply install that plugin via Installer and view its source code directly on your server.

    I can hardly tell you much more on the subject within a support hub topic here, as it would require too much digging in the code, which we cannot afford, I'm afraid.

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    I am a WebAsyst developer and can do this work for you. send me mail at info@srinternet.net


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