Working with companies and their employees in CRM

Dealing with “company” and “person” type contacts

When you work with a corporate client rather than with a private person, it is better to organize it as a “company” type contact in Webasyst CRM. You can conduct deals both with an entire company and with its individual employees, whichever is more suitable in a particular case.

Add a company

In section “Contacts” click “New contact”.

Select “Add company”.

Enter a company name and other properties.

Save the new company.

Add company employees

After the adding of a company its profile gets displayed in “Contacts” section.

Click “Add employee”.

Select an existing contact or add a new one.

Now you can see the newly added employee under “Employees” tab in the contact’s profile.

Add more employees in the same way.

You can also link employees to companies by editing employee profiles in “Контакты” section. Edit a “person” type contact and start typing a company name in the “Company” field.

Select a company name from the live search results and save the contact. The name of the selected company, with a link to it, will be displayed in an employee profile.

Add deals

Create deals either for a company, or for its employees, whichever is more appropriate.

When creating a deal for an employee of a company, you will see the company name next to the employee’s in live search results appearing as you type.


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