Live stream partly disregard access rights assigned in Team Accepted


I discovered that when assigning access rights in the TEAM app, individually or groups, it is partly disregarded in the live stream. Here is what I found:

* new user by name of "user3" was invited through the TEAM app and assigned to group "external".
* user3 loggs on and should only have access to tasks assigned to him in TASK app. Which seems to be the case in TASK app. All ok there.
* user3 go to look at the live stream and can then see user name and task name in the live stream. There seem to be no access restriction in the live stream view from TASK app based on the access rights assigned in the TEAM app.
* I find this unacceptable as I and other users normally/sometimes put critical and confidential information in the task name.

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    Explorer Explorer April 28, 2018 15:38 #

    I can not restrict view of Live stream, which means I can not add users that are not welcome to see all users task names.

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