Persons & companies

Contacts app allows you to store two types of contacts: persons (individuals) and companies (organizations). We usually know the name (first, middle, last) about persons. In the case of companies, the primary identification field is the company name.

Kinds of fields applicable to persons and companies

Like persons, companies can also have additional information such as phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, social network IDs (usernames), etc. These kinds of fields are applicable to both contact types. However, there may be information about persons which is not applicable to companies, or vice versa. For example, job title or date of joining can refer only to persons (employees), whereas legal address or business tax registration certificate number are company-only fields.

Connection between persons and companies

Persons can be connected to companies! When editing a person contact, simply begin to type the name of an existing company contact in a text field, and then you only need to select one of the automatically found companies from a list. Once you do so, a connection between that person and the selected company will be established, and a link to the company will be added to the person-viewing page.


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