Icons for payment methods in CRM

Free icons for payment methods which you can use in your online store.


How to download an icon

  1. Right-click the desired icon.
  2. Click context menu item "Save image as..." (menu item label may slightly differ in various web browsers).
  3. Select a destination folder on your computer and confirm the image saving.

How to upload an icon to CRM

  1. Open the backend of your Site app and navigate to “File manager” section.
  2. Create a separate folder for payment methods' icons. If you already have such a folder, then select it in the folder list.
  3. Upload icons from your computer into the selected folder.

How to attach an icon to a payment method

  1. Go to the “File manager” section of the Site app's backend, click on the name of the desired icon file, and copy the file URL in the popup area.
  2. Navigate to the bakend of the Store app and open section “Settings → Payment”.
  3. Select the desired payment method from the list and open its configuration-editing screen.
  4. Paste the previously copied file URL in field “Logo URL” and save the settings.

Done! The new icon is now displayed in the storefront for your clients.


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