How to receive messages and deal requests in CRM from Twitter users

With Twitter plugin for CRM, users of that online service can send you messages, which will appear in CRM’s “Messages” section. If you need, every new message can create a new deal or be attached to an existing deal.

How to set this up:

  1. Log into your Twitter account.
  2. Open the Twitter app creation page. Enter a name and description for your app, and your website URL. Complete the app creation with “Create your Twitter application” button.
  3. On the app settings page, in section “Application Settings”, go to app permissions setup via “modify app permissions” link.

  4. In section “Access” select “Read, Write and Access direct messages” and save your choice using “Update Settings” button.

  5. On the app settings page, switch to the “Keys and Access Tokens” tab, and below, in section “Your Access Token” generate tokens using “Create my access token” button.

  6. Copy generated values “Consumer key”, “Consumer secret”, “Access Token”, “Access Token Secret”.

  7. Open Webasyst CRM backend and open “Plugins” section. Install the Twitter plugin.
  8. Open section “Section → Deal sources → Messengers” add a source for Twitter.
  9. Paste the copied keys from your Twitter app settings to CRM source settings fields.
  10. If necessary, enable additional options in CRM source settings:
    • Select segments to add Twitter users to, which will be writing messages to you.
    • Enable creation of new deals from incoming messages.
    • Select a responsible user or a user group in your Webasyst account to be assigned for newly added contacts corresponding to Twitter users.

Done! From now on, Twitter users can send you messages, which will be automatically imported into your CRM.

Try to send a test message and see how it looks in your CRM’s “Messages” section.


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