Select target groups by various criteria

Advanced search provided by the Contacts app is one of the most valuable contact-management features in your Webasyst account. You can find customers by a variety of parameters and complex conditions. To start with, you can search by any contact field including extra fields created by means of the built-in field constructor. You can specify specific values which you want to find or use special conditions "Empty" and "Not empty".

Suppose you need to call all clients in your city and invite them to a party dedicated to your company's anniversary. To complete this mission fast and efficiently, simply search contacts by condition "Address.City" = "your city name" and "Phone" = "Not empty". This is how you can obtain the list of those who live only in your city and have the phone number specified in their profiles. You do not have to manually look through the entire database to check for each contact whether he or she satisfies both of these two coniditions.

In addition to searching by contacts' own data, Webasyst Contacts enables to you to search by contact-related data provided by other apps, not only Contacts. For example, do you know who of your customers posted comments in your blog? To find them, perform advanced search using parameter "Blog.Added comments". You can send special offers to active blog users to encourage them to post even more useful materials on your website. Or you may want to find English speaking customers who placed orders in your online store within last month and never logged into their personal account. Send an email notification to such users to tell them about the advantages of using a personal account (e.g., to send requests to your support team).


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