Customer portal on your website

This a customer's personal area within your website, accessible only with a valid login (email address and password). In the customer portal, registered clients can view their personal information: profile (name, address, phone number) and password reset fields in section "My profile"; orders placed in your online store, in section "My orders"; requests sent to your support team, in section "My requests", etc.

Availability of these sections in the customer portal depends on the apps you have installed in your Webasyst account; e.g., Helpdesk or Mailer.

Such a dynamic structure of the customer portal formed by multiple apps and plugins helps organizing it individually by every website owner. This is why sections available in the customer portal of each website powered by Webasyst, and their order, can be absolutely unique. The design theme management mechanism enables you to flexibly adjust the visual appearance of the customer portal to your website's look and feel, and your business type.


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