How to collect email addresses from website visitors

Offer your website visitors to contact you and receive some valuable information or a gift. For example, you may invite visitors to subscribe for receiving free informational mailings about your products or services, or an individual registration link for your webinar.

To collect email addresses and other contact information from your website visitors, you can publish a web form with several fields to be completed by subscribers. Add only the fields which you need; e.g., name, and email address or phone number (if you will send back a text notification), website URL (if your company offers SEO services and provices free basic analysis of any website, which you will send back to the specified email address to demostrate the high quality of your work).

You can create any number of such signup forms using Contacts app, for various occasions and target audiences. By publishing such forms on your website, you strengthen the connection with your visitors, which will become more loyal to your company and more willing to pay for your useful products and services. By establishing this relationship you also enlarge your database contact, i.e. those whom you can offer something which they may want to purchase. Both of these advantages will result in more new orders and new customers every day.


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