Delayed email sending on any date and time in the future

Sometimes it is not convenient to wait for a certain time when you want to start your email campaign; e.g., in the night, in the weekend, or when you are very busy doing something else. Do not waste your time on waiting! Schedule your campaign for the required date and time when it should be started and continue doing other important things or have some rest. The sending will begin exactly as specified.

To enable scheduled sending, be sure to set up a special server scheduler (cron). The scheduler, if set up, will attempt to send the scheduled message until the specified date and time come, and then the sending will begin. Information on how to set up cron jobs is displayed in Mailer app if such jobs have never been executed before.

In Webasyst Cloud you do not need to set up anything additionally. If you have installed Webasyst on your web server, then it is required to add cron jobs to use scheduled sending.


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