Publish forms to collect subscribers

In addition to your existing customers, you may also send various informational messages to website visitors who have signed up for receiving your newsletters. In order to collect their email addresses and other information, set up and publish one or more subscription forms on your website using the Mailer app. Make an attractive offer to your audience in exchange for subscribing to your mailings and let them complete several fields in a form.

Subscription forms are adjustable. Instead of the above complex form you can have something really simple:

When submitting his data via a subscription form, a website visitor can choose which types of your mailings he would like to receive (if you enable this option in web form settings). This choice adds a subscriber to the corresponding subscriber lists;e.g., "Company news", "Discounts & special offers", "New products", etc. When preparing a new email campaign, you can then select subscription lists to which you would like to send your message.

Subscriber's Customer Portal

Subscribers can also manage their subscriptions in their Customer Portal. Like orders placed in the online store or requests sent to your support service, each of your client scan also view which types of mailings he is subscribed to, and can change it or completely unsubscribe (by right!) from any newsletters you may want to send in the future.


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