Add "My subscriptions" section to Customer Portal

Customer Portal on your website may contain several sections; e.g., for profile editing, for viewing orders, for reading responses to support requests, and for managing email subscriptions. These individual Customer Portal sections are powered by separate apps installed in your Webasyst account. Section "My subscriptions" is added by Mailer app.

On the subscription management page, a customer can choose what kind of subscriptions he would like to receive from you; e.g., company news, special offers and discounts, new product arrivals, etc.; or to completely unsubscribe from any future mailings.

How you can enable "My subscriptions" section for your clients

  1. Create several subscription lists in backend section "Mailer → Subscribers". They will be available to your clients in the Customer Portal, and clients will be able to add themselves to selected lists.

  2. Enable "My subscriptions" section in backend section "Site → Personal".


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