How to process inquiries received from different sources

It is not always convenient to view all customer inquiries in one common list. For example, if you have several websites, it may be more convenient to you to view support requests received from their visitors in separate lists. Even if you have only one website, you may want to have customer requests processed by different support service specialists to make their work more convenient and efficient.

To do so, create filters to view only requests satisfying certain criteria in each of them. You may add as many filters as you need. Some of the filters may be available to all Helpdesk users (common filters), others only to the users who have created them for personal use (personal filters).

The request processing workflow may be very different. You may execute different sets of actions on clients' requests, for example, if you want to be able to delete requests received from one of the websites and make them unavailable to customers on "My requests" page and only mark as canceled and keep visible to customers those received from another website. This may also apply to processing customer requests written in different languages when you need names of actions, request states, and email notifications specified in each language.

To conveniently handle different sets of actions and requests states, we recommend creating multiple workflows. Each workflow can have its own email sources and web forms for receiving customer requests. Depending on what email address or web form is used by a customer to send a request to your support service, the request is handled differently according to the configuration of the corresponding workflow. We call this feature multi-workflow.


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