Customizable workflow for processing support requests

The simplest workflow of processing a support request may look as follows:

  1. A client sends you a question.
  2. You send back a reply.

However, it is not always that simple in real life. Below are some examples of the situations when you cannot follow this straightforward workflow:

  • You cannot provide a complete answer to a client's request and need a consultation from your colleague working in the next room or in another city.
  • Customer requests are processed by several specialists in your company. You have noticed a request which you are not going to process yourself but you want to leave a comment for your colleague who will send a reply to a client.
  • You and your colleague process incoming inquiries in turn, and you want to be confident that your colleague will not attempt to respond to the same request to which you are already writing a detailed reply.

To resolve these and many others non-trivial issues, Helpdesk app allows you to create custom actions which you can execute on requests, and states which can be assigned to requests upon execution of such actions.

Below are described some methods of correctly handling the request-processing issues mentioned above in this article:

  • Add an action named "Forward", which will allow you to select an employee in charge and enter a comment. A client will not see information about this action in hiw Customer Portal, but it will be visible to your colleague every time when you forward him a request for additional consultation.
  • An action named "Add comment" will allow you to enter any comment and display it on the request-viewing page in Helpdesk. You are free to decide whether such comments must or must not be visible to customers in the Customer Portal.
  • Create an action "Capture", which will change the request status from "New" to "Captured" and set the current user (i.e. yourself) as the person in charge. When you execute this action, you automatically become the assigned user, and your colleague will not be able to accidentally interfere with your work.


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