Find requests quickly using filters

With more and more incoming requests and their transition to different states, you will find it difficult to find the requests which you would like to work with right now. For viewing requests in various states, e.g. new, in work, or closed, or assigned to various users; e.g., yourself, your colleague, or no one yet, it is convenient to create request filters. A filter displays only products which satisfy certain your custom criteria.

A filter is a list of requests for regular use which are automatically found by various parameters every time you select it in Helpdesk app. If you need to view some request list only once and never return to it again, you can use advanced search to do so.

Should you decide that you may want to view the found list of requests again in the future, save search results as a filter.

Filters can be personal and public. Public filters are available to anyone who has access to Helpdesk. Personal filters can be created by any user for more comfortable work. For example a head of a support service can add personal filters to analyze the efficiency of customer reqquests processing.


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