Notify clients on request receipt

When you send an inquiry to the support service of any website, it is always important to you to know that your message is not lost and that someone is working on it. Not knowing it causes additional suspension and may result in complete dissatisfaction with the quality of the provided support service. This is why we recommend informing your clients on the request processing progress.

When a client has sent you a message, an automatic receipt notification should be immediately sent back. The sending of such notifications can be enabled in the properties of an email source set up in Helpdesk for receiving customer requests.

Even simple standard text like "Your request has been received and queued into our request-processing system" will keep your clients loyal and will add extra professional gloss to your business.

In addition to notifying of request receipt, you can also notify your clients of any actions you may execute on their requests during within your workflow; e.g., accepting into processing, forwarding to a specialist, receiving comments from a specialist, sending a reply to a client. You can enable and edit email notifications individually for each action you have in your workflow.


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