Battling spam in support requests

After you publish your email address on the website, be prepared for receiving advertizing messages instead of support requests. If you do nothing against it, then you will see more and more such messages every day, and you will have to spend much time to manually delete them.

When clients send inquiries via feedback forms, this issue does not take place, because protection code CAPTCHA helps filtering out most of unsolicited advertizing.

To avoid spam among clients' support requests, enable anti-spam mechanism in the properties of your email source in Helpdesk. This mechanism automatically detects real clients awaiting your response among all senders.

Every client who has sent at least one to your support service is saved in Webasyst database in the form of a contact associated with an email address. When a new request is received by Helpdesk, the app checks whether a contact with the sender's email address exists in the database. If it does exist, then the message automatically appears in the request list. If it is the first request received from this email address (i.e. there no such contact in the database), then Helpdesk verifies that the sender is not a spammer. To do so, it sends back a notification with a special confirmation link.

Only after the sender has clicked on the confirmation link, he is added to the contacts database and becomes your client. Until the link is not clicked, the corresponding message remains among non-confirmed requests and is not displayed to Helpdesk users.

Confirming a request by clicking on a link is necessary only once. All subsequent messages from the same email address will be accepted automatically without additional confirmation.

This feature will free your time from deleting spam in request lists.


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