Receive support requests by email

If you need that clients' messages sent to your email address land in your Helpdesk app, set up connection between Helpdesk and the corresponding mailbox.

To do so, select the workflow in which in you would like process requests received via this email address. Add a new source, select source type "email", and specify connection data: server address, user name, password, and port number.

Note that Helpdesk will extract all messages from the mailbox, and the mailbox will be emptied!

The email source setup page also offers other useful options:

  • anti-spam protection
  • request receipt notification
  • choice of state a request is assigned if received via this email source
  • choice of an action to be executed by default with every request received via this source
  • choice of a user or a group received requests to be assigned to by default
  • choice of language to be set for each new client sending their first request via this email source


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