How to collect new leads via a signup form on the website

Offer your website visitors to sign up for an online conference or to pre-order a new software product, or anything else like that. This is possible with signup forms provided by CRM app.

Publish a signup form

  1. Open section “Sections → Web forms and click “New form”. A new form constructor will open, with several fields available by default.

  2. Click any field to change it. In the pop-up dialog, you can edit a field’s label and its placement or visibility. In “Placeholder” setting, write a brief instruction for users or an example of data for the field. it will be visible when a field is empty. The “Required” checkbox will ensure that a web form is not submitted until the field is not completed.
  3. To delete a field, move the mouse cursor over it and then click the deletion icon on the right.
  4. To add more fields, click “Add fields” at the bottom. If you cannot see some fields that you need in the available list, then first create custom fields in section “Settings → Field constructor” and then add them to your form.
  5. To change the main button caption, which is “Sign up” by default, click the button and edit the default text.

Customer’s access to their personal account

If you want that a user who submits their information via a signup form immediately becomes your registered customer and has access to a personal account, add the “Password” field to a web form. A user will need to enter their password twice to avoid typing errors.

Signup confirmation

To ensure that users sign up on their own behalf and not on behalf of other persons, enable the registration confirmation option.

Upon the form submission, an email notification with a confirmation link will be sent to a user. Be sure to add the “Email” field to your form in this case and make it a requiredone. You can edit the text template of that notification.

Publishing a form on the website

Copy a text string with a generated code snippet and paste it to any website page. Switch the page editor to the HTML mode when adding the form publishing code snippet.

You can create any number of signup forms for various occasions and audiences. With signup forms you will strengthen your connection to website visitors and will make them more loyal towards your business and more likely to order your products or services. This way you will be steadily building up a greater customer base, which will result in more and more new customers and new orders every day.


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