Add feedback forms to website

To send a request to your support service via a web form, a client must enter his email address to receive a reply to (or a phone number so that you can call him back), and write some text in the provided field. The Helpdesk app allows creating different custom forms with individual fields to be completed by clients.

Some fields can be used to specify a client's personal information:

  • email address
  • name
  • company name
  • date of birth
  • phone number

Other fields are used to provide additional information about a request:

  • subject
  • message text
  • attached files
  • spam protection code (CAPTCHA)

These four fields are available by default, but you can add more fields to your forms if you need to receive extra details from your clients; e.g.:

  • Request type: Pre-sale, financial, operation & maintenance, etc. Clients can choose the most appropriate option to help you understand what kind of consultation is required.
  • Pizza sort, number of boxes, and delivery time: If a form is used to accept pizza delivery orders.
  • Preferred car make, car delivery, point of departure, and point of destination: if a form is used to receive taxi orders.

To publish a new form on your website, create it in the workflow in which you want to process messages received via this new form. On the form-editing page, enable its availability for your website frontend so that Helpdesk generates a portion of code which you can paste to any web page to publish your form.

How to add a feedback form to the Customer Portal

Any web forms which you may create in Helpdesk can be made available to clients in the Customer Portal. Simply enable the corresponding checkbox in each form, and clients will be offered a choice of web forms to send a new request:


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