How to add a support request for your client

If your client cannot send you a support email, you can manually add a new request in his name! It may be convenient during a telephone call; e.g., if you receive taxi orders, or orders for a plumber or nurse visit.

By default, Helpdesk app offers one request-adding form to manually add a new request for a client.

You can see that this default form offers a limited set of fields which you can complete: customer email, message subject, text, attached files (and auxiliary fields to specify user assignment and to set request status). If you usually receive requests with extra fields completed by clients; e.g., "request type", "car make and model" (for car repair requests), or "preferred visit times" (for plumber visit orders), you will also want to complete these extra fields when manually adding a request in the backend when your customer ask you to do so.

Whenever you want to add a request with extra fields, select the appropriate form after you click on "New request":


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