Default actions for email requests

With a message is received from a customer by email, you can get any action executed by default without your input. For example, a request may be assigned to any user or group, or marked as "urgent" or "deleted". We will show you how to set up such default actions.

You must already have at least one email address connected to your Webasyst account.

This setup is available in email source setup screen: Helpdesk → Workflows → [Your workflow name] → Email address.

In the settings of your email source you can select any action which must be executed by default when a new request is received, and who must be assigned as the person, or group, in charge:

In the properties of the selected action you can create your custom template for email notifications which will be sent to the specified addresses; e.g., those of the auto-assigned user group:

Here is how this default action will work:

  1. A new support email is received.
  2. A new support request is created from this email and is set to "New" status.
  3. The request is automatically assigned to "Support" group.
  4. Default action "Assign" is executed.
  5. When the default action is executed, email notifications to all members of the "Support" group are sent.

The above sample workflow will be used if a new support email is received. New support emails do not contain special IDs in their subject of the form [ID: 123456-XXXXX] (here 123456 is a request ID, and XXXXXXX is an additional identification string).

Automatic handling of "replies to replies"

Support emails with request IDs in the subject can be received by Helpdesk if a client replies to one of your previous replies; e.g., to request additional information. Emails with subjects containing such IDs are not new. We call them replies to replies, and there are special settings for such emails in Webasyst Helpdesk app. You can find them on the email source setup page:

The first rule shown in this example says the following: If a "reply to reply" is sent by the original request author and the request is in the "Closed" state by the time of email receipt, then action "Reopen" must be executed.

Note that these rules apply only to replies to replies; therefore, default action "Assign" selected for new requests (shown higher in this article) will not be executed in this case, because it is set up for new support emails which have no IDs in the subject.

In the same fashion, the second rule says that action "Add comment" must be executed if a reply to reply was sent by the original request author and the request is in the "New" state by the time of email receipt. Default action "Assign" selected only for new requests will not be executed in this case, either.


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