How to learn about overdue deals in CRM

For every stage within a deal processing funnel, you can set up a time limit expressed in hours or days.

Once a deal is transferred to a time-limited stage, a time countdown starts. If a deal remains in a time-limited stage beyond the specified time limit, the “Stage time limit expired for deal” event is triggered.

You can learn about this event from email and SMS notifications by following these steps:

  1. Open “Settings  → Notifications” section.
  2. Click “Add notification”.
  3. Select “Stage time limit expired for deal” event.
  4. Select a sending transport: email or SMS. To make SMS notifications work, set up connection to an SMS provider.
  5. Select a recipient: client, responsible user, or arbitrary email address or phone number.
  6. If necessary, edit the default notification text template.
  7. Save notification settings.

Done! From now on, the selected recipient will quickly learn about deals remaining in various stages longer than expected.


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