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The basic method to receive feedback and all sorts of questions from website visitors is a web form where a person can type any text and click on the "Submit" button. It is sufficient if all you want is to simply collect customer feedback or service improvement suggestions. But what if you want to reply to their messages so that they can reply to you, too?

Connect an email account to your Webasyst using the Helpdesk app by following these steps:

  1. Create a new email address to receive customer feedback. Note that all emails contained in the mailbox will be removed from the mailbox and imported into Webasyst.
  2. Find out your mailbox connection details: server name, user name, and password. Refer to your email account settings section or your server administrator if you cannot find them.
  3. Open section Helpdesk → Workflows → [YOUR WORKFLOW NAME] and add New source → Email.
  4. Paste the mailbox connection details in the provided fields.
  5. Select the state for new customer requests; you may select any state set up in your workflow settings; e.g. the "New" state. Additionally, you may also select an action which can be executed for each new customer request, or Helpdesk user or user group which must be assigned in charge of processing new requests.
  6. You may also want to set up the following additional options:
    • Spam control; this feature does not allow spam to be sent to your mailbox
    • Confirmation receipt; it will be sent to your customers so that they know that you have indeed received their emails
    • Additional notifications, which can be sent to any user when a new customer message is received

After you save these settings, all messages sent to your email address will appear in Helpdesk app for you to view and reply to, and to view the entire history of discussions which you may have with your customers.

Things you should know about connecting email accounts

1. All emails from connected mailbox will be removed and imported into Webasyst

To receive clients' support emails in your Webasyst account, be sure to connect an empty mailbox which you do not use for anything else. If you connect a mailbox containing any old emails, all of them will be removed and will appear as requests in Helpdesk app.

2. How to find the connection details of your mailbox

The email, username, password, server name, and POP3 port values required to connect an email address to Webasyst can be found in the settings section of your email address account. The exact location depends on where exactly you have created your email address:

a) If you have created your mailbox using a popular online service such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or, then log into your account on their websites and find the connection details there.

b) If you have created your mailbox using cPanel, H-Sphere, ISPConfig, or another website control panel provided by your hosting company, then the connection details must be found in that control panel.

The username and password which you type to log in to Webasyst are not the same as the username and password of your email account.


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